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South Africa’s public healthcare system today faces extreme patient loads, rising costs, resource constraints and suboptimal health outcomes.

Healthcare workers in South Africa’s public system are at the forefront of this fight every day. The consequence of this for our health workers is high burnout rates, mental health issues, emigration and reduced capacity to deliver quality care to our population.

Wits Healthcare Innovation (WHI) is a division of Wits Health Consortium and is supported by the University of the Witwatersrand’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

WHI was inspired by Groote Schuur Hospital’s Innovation Hub. Groote Schuur Hospital has shown how real problems in public healthcare can be solved through giving health workers the required support and time.

We realised that because health workers are faced with these problems daily they are often highly motivated to find solutions. We also saw the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to solving these problems and how this brings innovative ideas into focus.

WHI is expanding some of the lessons learnt so far and experimenting with different models of interdisciplinary innovation in healthcare. We work with South Africa’s healthcare workers to create “bottom-up” innovation and change within the industry.


Primary Aim
Create bottom-up innovation within the South African healthcare industry to develop and support scalable solutions to South Africa’s most urgent health problems, aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Secondary Aims

  1. Create an innovation ecosystem around the public healthcare sector.
  2. Create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the South African healthcare sector and Wits Medical School.
  3. Create a new generation of healthcare workers who are skilled in problem-solving beyond the bedside.
  4. To assist healthcare startups with conducting credible research to validate their healthcare innovations.

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